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You will also have concerns with batteries.

I would be concerned that at a wedding I might not have time to deal with the peculiarities of 20 different cameras.

The reusable/disposable cameras make more sense to me.

Of course, if all the guests were APUG regulars, you would be fine!
if all my guests were apug regular, i'd say just bring your own cameras and I'll provide all the films. The problem would be getting apug members to relinquish those negatives. At the end of the night, I imagine all the apug members would gasp in shock (I imagine every apug member wears a monocule on their non-view-finder-eye) and their monocule would drop into their wine glass when I ask for the negatives.

I get what you're saying about having to deal with the peculiarities of the 20 different cameras. That is a concern for me too. Which is why I want to keep dispospal cameras as plan B. I have a old nikon 35AF given to me by my fiancee's family. It exposes and flashes well; but tends to reel in the film before it's shot.