Time to weigh in:

What is hanging in my bathroom is decoration. It breaks up the wall and is seen and instantly forgotten. I don't think that is art. When I look at "Moonrise over Hernandez" I am captivated by it. I remember it, not because someone told me it is art but because it communicated to me and it captured my attention, my emotions and my imagination. I think if the viewer is captured by it and it communicates, then it is art to that person. If it communicates to a group of people, it is art - like a hot rod paint job. That is from someones heart and a communication. I will not rain on their parade if I don't see it. I do tend to dismiss cheap and gross as non-art. If the "artist" did not put effort in it - personal human spiritual best stuff and all - or if it is made from excrement or medical waste - DUDE - IT AINT ---

A person takes 2 seconds for their digigizmo to warm up, they snap Ginger leaning against a pole and they download a capture to a printer. ---- nope - not art. Work of art = no work - no art. Now if a guy creates a background, lighting and does a lot of work forming a pose that speaks and then works it over in the 'puter for hours, then it is art, though not very permenant and not my cup of tea. But I can appreciate it.

So - Elvis is art - It catches my attention because it is big and gaudy. It also makes me laugh and at least one of them was created from passion - So - simple - there you go

... isn't it easy now?? -Frank