Normally everyone at a wedding will have a DP&S and a cam phone cept for me.

Ask for email of all the shots.

Only photog students will know what a film camera is and not all of them.

Stopped by student and teacher in a street market. The student had a monster DSLR.

So she focused my Canon P, after some instruction, pushed the shutter button after some more, and when told how to operate the wind on lever, said

'you mean it's got tape inside it?'

That is not the punch line...

eventually after a dialogue about contra jour and silhouettes, exposure, metering etc. the camera vanished from her hands and her tudor demonstrated the focus scale and depth of field scale.

The punch line was what the Tudor said

'we have power point slides of depth of field scales but none of the collegue cameras have focus and depth of field scales'...