Success! I decided that while I had the day off work I would do the full CLA. Got everything apart, the whole reason for all of this was one of the screws came out of the bottom of the aperture assembly and was rolling around in the shutter, so I got it out and re-assembled the aperture assembly, holy crap no wonder manufacturers use 6 and 5 blades now, this one has 10 and I had to do it twice because the first time I didn't align the wheel properly with the screw holes. But....I managed to get it together one way or another and re-assembled it, it's cherry now.

So I got that back together then moved to the shutter, I pulled the blades and gave them a good cleaning. Almost used Isopropyl Alcohol, then read this post switched to Naptha....which was recommended on an old Zenit camera I did a CLA on, to clean up the inside. Everything was looking good, I then used an extremely liberal amount of 3 in 1 on both gear drives, probably a drop at best each and worked the shutter a few times. I used this on the Zenit and a Minolta RF I CLA'd as well with much success. I used a small cloth to wipe any excess so it didn't bleed into the shutter assembly. The self-timer works now and all of the speeds are dead nuts accurate. Everything is so smooth this shutter has never been this nice. I would say she is ready for battle again!