Images a-plenty here. The camera and flat board are nearly like new, the recessed board could use a coat of paint, but is perfectly functional as is. The flat board is drilled for Copal 0 and the recessed drilled for a 00 (like a 65mm Angulon). The back pictured is a 6x9 Horseman back. It was bought from KEH as Bargain and I'd say that is fair. I'm pricing it low to get the camera sold (and keep peace in the family). The camera with both boards: $375 plus shipping. The back is $100 plus shipping. Buy both for $450 plus shipping.

Second on the list is a Canon P. The link shows a lens and a few other things, but this is only for the camera. This is in good shape except a trim ring is missing. No impact on function at all. Very minor wrinkles on shutter....much less than most and doesn't affect function. The viewfinder is well aligned and reasonable bright....way brighter than my Fed 2, dimmer than my M2. Shutter speeds seem right. Price: $150

Why am I selling? Too much stuff and there is no point holding onto it if I'm not using it.