Nikonos V Dive Camera Outfit

This is an older camera system, but still highly preferred by divers who prefer film over digital, or don't want to risk soaking their expensive digital cameras! Far cheaper to replace a Nikonos V body that has become wet than any digital camera!

The outfit includes the following:
- Nikonos V body
- Nikkor-UW 20mm Lens and Viewfinder pair - a very desirable lens for close-up shots; the pair goes for $100+ on that big auction site. Underwater use only.
- Nikkor-UW 28mm Lens - I have 2 (two) of these, underwater use only. Swap one out for a Nikkor-W 35mm lens for shots on land, in the rain or shallow water
- Nikon SB105 Flash, flash mount (arm, mounting plate) and sync cable - the flash is new, never been in the water!
- Extension Tube Set - 3 tubes, 4 wire guides (a nearly complete set); use them to take close-ups of fish and other marine life without needing to frame through the viewfinder. If your subject is framed within the wire guide, it will be in focus!
- Replacement O-Ring set

The dedicated viewfinder for the 20mm lens allows you to frame your subject through your mask much easier than with any of the other lenses.

All of this for just $250+S/H!

Everything works as expected, but the body has a minor quirk; after you advance the film, you have to tilt the body to the right. Something is loose inside the shutter release mechanism, but it has never failed to fire after the film has been advanced and the body tilted. This is a minor problem; you'll typically advance the film to have the camera ready to go, and while swimming around, you'll very likely tilt the body. Should the body eventually fail, they can be had for $5-$50 on that auction site - hundreds are available, though not a set at my price!

In fact, buy that extra body to use on your dives! Have one body set up with the 20mm or 28mm lens and flash for shots in deeper water, use the second with the 35mm lens for shots near the surface or on the boat.

Nikon Nikonos V Underwater Camera Set.jpg (Not all of the extension set is shown).

Nikonos V 20mm Lens & Viewfinder Closeup.jpg Nikon UW-Nikkor 20mm Lens and Viewfinder.jpg Nikon UW-Nikkor 28mm Lens.jpg