For sale is my Bronica SQ-AI camera with a Sunpack 555 Flash and Bronica flash module that matches the camera and flash. I am asking $550.00 or best offer. This unit was tested prior to this listing and is working well. There is one problem with the system and that is the hotshot on the motorized hand grip does not seem to function. This problem is with the grip only and not the camera. The PC cable connector on the camera as well as the flash module connector on the camera are both working fine. The camera is in good user condition with minor nicks and scratches. The lens is a 80mm PS lens in great shape. Front and rear coatings have very very light cleaning marks (I have to say that because the lens is not new. I don't think you will fined any real problems with the lens coatings.) The shutter timing is good. I have included a 220 back. Don't worry, the 220 back will shoot 120 film without issue. The camera has the correct metered finder for the SQ-AI and it is working properly. It also includes the motorized hand grip. The motorized hand grip uses 6 size AA batteries which are not included with the sale. There are 4 size "S-76" button cell batteries that are located in the bottom of the camera beneath the motorized hand grip that run the meter in the finder as well as the camera itself. I am including the four button cells that are in the camera. I can't say how long they will last but they are working now.

The Sunpack 555 Flash is also in user condition and is working as it should. It includes a short pc cable made for the flash. This flash uses 6 size AA batteries that are not included with this sale.

The Bronica flash module is the interface between the carmera and the Sunpack flash. It was made for that camera and that flash. They are not easy to find but if I sell this camera, I will not have a need for this flash module. This module is designed to be used with the metered finder switch set in the Manual position. Match the ISO on the module to the ISO on the top of the camera's back and do the same on the back of the Sunpack flash. Match the F-stop on the lens to the F-stop on the back of the Sunpack flash, set the flash to Auto and flash power to full. As listed above, I have tested this entire system including flash and module, and all is well.

I am including a copy of the operation manual on CD. I can't stress the importance of reviewing the manual before trying to use this camera. One switch out of position will make you think the camera is not working properly.

Look over the photos and feel free to ask any questions before you buy. I promise to consider all reasonable offers.