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Peter - great to hear that it went so well. You're a smart guy to quit now. I thought I was that smart. Now it turns out that Laostyle17 and my daughter have decided to tie the knot over New Year's in Las Vegas...

I have questions for the wedding pros and this is good a place to ask as any:

It's going to be at one of those commercial wedding chapels. I assume it will be pretty much get-in-get-out. A "professional" photographer is included. I would like to shoot, too, mainly traditional type group shots with tripod and probably flash. I would like to take advantage of the pro's setups, but I DON'T want to get in the way. How do I approach the photographer and how do I get as much permission and/or cooperation as possible?
A Las Vegas wedding chapel? You could always try dressing up as Elvis .

I expect that if you actually reach out to the photographer and express a desire to not create problems for him/her/them, you will both surprise them and get their cooperation.

Or they will be so difficult to deal with as to make that impossible - but at least you will know ahead of time.