I did and still do a little of most things with several more dominant interests. Landscapes are more interesting to look at than many things but seem kind of sterile (to me) without people in them. I think people are part of the landscape. Not like the landscape with an unlikely person thown in for scale but images where the person and the landscape are one. The landscape has a message and the person(s) add to that message or the reverse of that. I enjoy looking at people as art - not cliche images that only evoke one kind of passion - but character - The lines in the face and the wrinkles on the hand with a gleem in the eye - in a setting that speaks the same. These are perhaps both the most difficult to assemble but the most profound when done. Les's reverand shot is amazing the way the light draws his face. Aggie's farm has some wonderful and provoking old tools and backdrop. I could see that face in that setting. I hope I will be able to get the right people in the reight settings to create what I see.