Canon VT Leica thread mount body. This is Canon's lengendary trigger advance rangefinder body which still make excellent, reliable, and nimble shooting platforms for LTM lenses. This camera has good quality 35mm and 50mm frames built right in mitigating the need for external finders. The camera is in good overall condition. All shutter speeds sound right. All mechanical functions look correct. The finder is clear and the rangefinder patch is accurate and bright. One shutter curtain has slight wrinkles, but it is light tight. There are some areas of leatherette wear on the back of the camera and typical baseplate scratches. Reasonably priced: $150 plus insured shipping

Filters, hoods, caps, closeup lenses for popular rangefinder lenses - some rare - all are new, made in Japan, and boxed with data:

40.5mm metal lens cap - $7 ea + shipping
40.5mm - green, yellow available- $10 ea + shipping
43mm - green, sky, red, polarizer available - $10 ea + shipping
43.5mm - sky - $10 ea + shipping
43.5mm - green - $18 ea + shipping
43.5mm - 30mm distance attachment lens by Olympus - rare - $30 ea + shipping
43.5mm - Hoya three diopter lens close-up set with case (really rare) - $75 ea + shipping
43mm hood, new - $7 ea + shipping
46mm hood, new - $7 ea + shipping
43mm metal lens cap - $7 ea + shipping

I ship to most countries and can take PayPal, checks, money orders, or cash in payment. Comments on the thread are always welcome, but private messages or emails will get my attention quickest if you need an item. Thanks - David!