I have used the Lomo Color 100 film. Probably the bargain film of the moment. The price you note is the going price I have seen everywhere. There is disagreement on this point but I feel it is Gold 100 by another name. I don't believe Gold 100 is sold under the Kodak name any longer. I have not seen it in years, anyway.

As far as I am concerned it compares very well to the Fujicolor 100 at you used to get at Walmart.

Keep buying that Walmart film, though. Other than way over-priced CVS, Walmart is the only place I have seen film "on-the-hoof" in years. They keep trying to get rid of it but I have noticed that they keep selling (and processing) a pretty consistent amount. Small but consistent. Every month I buy at least one 4 pack of the 200 just on principle. Besides, I think CVS around here may have given up on film. A few weeks ago they had a sale price (still obscene) on BWCN400. I went and bought the remaining rolls only because my wife had a pile of CVS coupons. There was almost no other film in stock.

Funny to note that in my local Walmart the digicam department is in complete disarray and getting smaller and smaller. They keep trying to shrink the film display further (it is already tiny) but it keeps coming back to the size it was.