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I'm not trying to practice cultural hegemony I was just trying to get his name right.

He signed his e-mail to me 'Shinya Arimoto' and on his website (in English, at least) that is also how his name is presented.
Yes, I understand that, my remark was not meant to criticize you, but more out of curiosity or academic interest. Most Japanese, especially those who speak English, are aware that personal names are "the other way round" in the west and will switch their names "pre-emptively" in their communications with Westerners to avoid any confusion. Still, for my ears such a "switched" Japanese name somehow does not sound quite right and is at least mildly irritating, e.g. "Shin'ya Arimoto" sounds for me a bit like "Smith John" would sound for a native English speaker. So, sometimes, when doing translation work into German, I forget to switch the names and this has been the source of some ... err ... confusion in the past ...

Anyway, thanks for the link, I had a look at his website, this is a nice discovery. I like his work quite a lot!