As mentioned by someone else, try to get some Olympus Mju cameras, if possible the Mju-II.
See: http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Olympus_mju_II
It's a real point and shoot camera, but it has a very good autofocus, a decent flash and a very good lightmeter. I shot many B&W film with mine and I had excellent images. And any one can point it and push a single button. You don't even have to use the view finder.

Or just "hire" a few nephews, give them an afternoon camera workshop and have them shoot several films for you, as well. Maybe some adult, who knows analogue cameras, can chaparone them and reload the cameras...

But above all, make sure you're not involved in this in any way on your wedding day itself: because it's your wedding day !!!!

I wish you all the blessings from God in your marriage and a beautiful wedding day.