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I've shot 6 5x4 sheets of out of date Ilford HP5 @200 iso and 6 of Fomapan Creative 200 @200 iso as well.

It's my first time using Foma 200, does anyone have any tips regarding development?

I normally use either HC110 solution B or Microphen 1+1
Tips in what regard? You haven't stated what you do or don't like about your results so far that would require a "tip"

My only experience with either film was using Rodinal (Adox Adonal) so I couldn't comment on either of those dev's with regard to that film (though I have used HC-110(B), I have not used Microphen so I can't compare those either).

So what's wrong with either that you need a tip?

Also is that HP5 or HP5+? You said expired so I wanted to clarify that.