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Are you pulling the prints before they are completely developed? People tend to do this when they find that the prints are becoming too dark. This results in muddy looking prints. Most paper developers recommend a development time of 1.5r to 3 min. Try a shorter exposure time and 30 to 60 sec more in the developer.
Oh hmm I'm using Ilford Multigrade paper developer at 1+9 for 1:00 minute as recommended in the tech sheet. But i start taking it out with 10 seconds left and then drip dry before putting into my water(stop) bath for 30 sec. TF-4 Fixer for 30 sec. and then back to the wash for 5 minutes. I've been pretty consistent with the temperature keeping at +/- 1 degree from 20 C/68 F

I'll give 1:30 a try next time.