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My only experience with Fomapan (not in 4x5, yet) is that HC-110 is very active. I will use dilution H (1+63) for pleasing results. I think I went for 6.5 minutes most recently.

I actually prefer D-76 or a derivitaive for Fomapan.

My other tip with Fomapan is to use a water stop or very dilute. I have had pinholes show up on 120 Fomapan with too-strong acidic stop bath. Now I only use water.
Agree about those pin holes...

Also, you used dil(H) at 6.5 minutes when shooting FOMA400 at 200?

EDIT: OOOppps!!!!! Ahh! Foma200

Shoot, Claudia, the Rodinal 1:50 for FOMA 200 is 10:00

HC-110(B) is 3:30 but again too short....

Microphen stock is 5 minutes and 1+3 is 12:00

Sorry for miss reading your original post