I've searched around both here at the Large Format Photography forums, and while I've seen a few possibilities I've been keeping my eye on, I thought it might be worth while to inquire here as well.

I am rapidly becoming more involved in large format shooting after focusing primarily on MF for sometime. The primary reason for this is that in my current living situation (small apartment in Brooklyn), MF enlargements are not an easy option, and I do not find scans satisfactory (at least not the scans I can afford to achieve). I have taken to contact printing 4x5 which, although small, provides some kind of finished product which I enjoy, and leaves me with boxes of negatives I can revisit down the road.

My primary LF camera is a Busch Pressman Model 'D', and I have been working with great satisfaction with the lens that came on it, a Wollensak Raptar 135mm. For most work in other formats, I prefer a mild tele lens (120-135 on MF, 75-90 on 35mm). I know LF is a bit different in what one can do with a given focal length, but I am trying to find something roughly equivalent that will mount and focus on a Pressman 'D'. I think this will be in the 210-270 range, as anything longer than that likely won't work well.

For reference, bellows draw on the camera is about 12 inches, lens boards are quite small and probably can only fit copal #0 and #1 shutters and smaller. I'd like some movements but I would accept less for a more compact design, superior speed or performance. While obviously I am looking for myself, I'd love to get a general list of what works out there for any other Model 'D' owners looking for options...

Thanks in advance for your wisdom and experience!