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What is art? Seriously?

More has been written about what is and is not art, than any of us will be able to read in our lifetimes.

I would like to say that it requires thought, and input, from the human mind, and then some fool mucks it all up with a painting from an elephant, or a monkey.

Does it take long hours of effort and dedication? Is that what makes it art? Then does a copy of the Mona Lisa qualify?

Does it need originality? Then do the monkey and the elephant become artists?

Personally, if the result speaks to me on more than a superficial level. If it stirs something in my supposed soul, then I believe it is art. Whether it was created off a CNC machine, or by a monkey. If it pulls me in deep, and whispers a new message, an unthought word, makes me FEEL something. Then I call it art.
"Art" is something a school professor can make have a big fat salary and pension teaching about, and have contributed nothing to the world the whole time. Art, schmart. Either you like a picture or you don't. If you like it, it's "art". Maybe. I tend to think its just a nice picture.