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First I look at the manufacturers recommendations for development times, and then the massive dev chart's times and usually they match up, sometimes if they are off I try and take the middle ground and go from there.

Your film should have come with a chart of regular developers listed with times. And if not, the data sheets for the developers should list some times, and check the massive dev chart, all available online with an easy google search.
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EDIT: OOOppps!!!!! Ahh! Foma200

Shoot, Claudia, the Rodinal 1:50 for FOMA 200 is 10:00

HC-110(B) is 3:30 but again too short....

Microphen stock is 5 minutes and 1+3 is 12:00

Sorry for miss reading your original post
You're right, I could have easily searched with Google and looked at the massive dev chart, but while I was here, I thought it'd be interesting to hear other users' experiences, since I think that Apug is a community full of incredibly experienced and talented film photographers.

No problem about the misunderstanding xx

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My only experience with Fomapan (not in 4x5, yet) is that HC-110 is very active. I will use dilution H (1+63) for pleasing results. I think I went for 6.5 minutes most recently.

I actually prefer D-76 or a derivitaive for Fomapan.

My other tip with Fomapan is to use a water stop or very dilute. I have had pinholes show up on 120 Fomapan with too-strong acidic stop bath. Now I only use water.

Thanks for the tips, much appreciated

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The 200 and 100 are nice in Barry Thornton's 2 bath formula [I halve their rated speeds].
I'm not familiar with this developer, I guess you have to mix it yourself and I have never done it before, but thanks for the imput