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Maybe the emulsion was fogged after the stop bath, someone using the enlarger while she/he carried the material from one tray to the other. Also as hexavalent said liquid emulsion might hold more developer and the stop bath was not long and or strong enough to stop the development process. Wood holds probably even more chemistry than paper. You might wanna try the Rollei/Maco emulsion hardener it's put into the developer instead of the fixingbath. Use the stopbath for twice the recommended time for normal paper (might attack the emulsion so pre-hardening is recommended)
Again good luck.
hardener is provided with the Foma emulsion - I never use it... (it's a total no-go if using the papers for bromoil prints..)

I think the issue could be in the thichness of the papers - the students (and me) are using the same emulsion - same developer - same stop and fix... and it always happens after the stop/rinse, so the difference between us has to be how we coat our papers - some thinner than others.... And if thick, then the stop might be insufficient..