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3in1 is a petroleum blend that migrates and dries to a gummy residue as does its parent company product Water Dispersant #40.
TriFlow, watch/clock oil, gun oil are best.
White lithium grease works well anywhere a grease is called for.
Shutter repair guides instructions for lubrication: Oil-apply a drop and wipe off the excess to leave a light sheen only. Alternative apply oil to felt pad, touch the shaft to be lubed to the felt pad, wipe off the excess leaving a light sheen.
Grease- apply a dab about the size of a straight pin head or less to the surface where metal parts slide against one another or spring ends slide against the case.

Congratulations on getting it fixed.

For those reading this Compur had a special jig for assembling the aperture blades. They lay in place and a breeze that will move a small down feather will displace them as will a slight touch.
That's about what I did, I put the oil in an oil dispenser thing used for sewing machines in the 40s with a very fine tip, I put a small screwdriver with the cloth on the end to clean up the excess, it's been very well, except for one thing that happened this weekend.

It managed to come clean off the camera lens board and all, almost fell into the Keys! But I grabbed it and it was stuck at 1/10.....the wheel was hung up on the apparatus that accepts the shutter cable. That has been cleared and its back to normal operation.

So far so good!