First the V750 as good as it is will not get all the info out of the neg (film flatness etc...). The 6x4.5 neg should be able to outresolve your D3

Second: What I like about film vs digital is easy film is organic digital is not take a look at a sensor curve and you will see that they lack character which is great if you want to fiddle for hours in the lightroom. Also since film is organic I see it as being closer to not only human perception but also to humanity with all it's flaws. Film is also much more versatile than digital at the picture taking stage furthermore each image looks the grain is randomized whereas the pixel in digital have the same arangement on every photo. Film gives therefore more unique images than digital.
Film is archivl digital not so much or to quote Jeff Rotheberg ""Digital documents last forever—or five years, whichever comes first"

But all in all I prefer Film's humanity