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Just jump in, have fun, and don't spent too much time reading on the internet. It's best to explore the capability of one emulsion and one developer, to the fullest extent, before exploring other materials. I recommend picking one single film and one developer, and not give up with it until you have good results. There is a lot more to learn from fully understanding a single emulsion than to try to discern differences between different films and developers. Please don't make the mistake I did years ago and start experimenting wildly without actually knowing what you're doing.
Without wishing to directly contradict Thomas (whose counsel is worth listening to), it's worth saying that while this is excellent advice for someone who enjoys doing one thing until it is perfected, it can be a bit stultifying for someone who likes to try new things or is easily bored.

If you feel like trying different films and developers, do go ahead. The down side of doing so of course that consistency is harder to come by.