For me, [negative] film captures a bigger range of light and dark in photo than digital can, no blown highlights, etc like every shot is HDR without looking nasty... I also like the results from vintage equipment, lenses, etc as they were intended, not cobbled onto a digital camera, though there's nothing wrong with cobbling / macgyvering at all. I think photo equipment was at it's peak in the 40's/50's and has mostly gone down hill since only improving for speed, cheapening, technology integration, but rarely in improving actual results for single photos. With a little work, film and old equipment, we can do the same or better than the masters who have household names, but will we?

The Epson 700/750 is a good scanner, but mostly for LF use. It's good for MF, but not high end. The Nikon 9000 is higher end, but not available. This isn't the forum to elaborate since it's analog only here.