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The Flats are interesting all year. If the lake is not frozen there may be freighters coming in and out of the Cuyahoga River. Do go there with a friend though. It is not a good place to be alone with expensive gear hanging out.

"John, those Pileated monsters are beautiful!!!" I had never seen one before. HUGE.

John Powers
The Flats are not a good place to be in general, lol. Definitely have more than one person with you. Certain areas are okay, but others can be quite rough (as in gangs chasing cars with baseball bats, shootings, etc. - all near the power house).

However, it is very scenic. Try going to Sokolowski's University Inn, great food, and from the parking area you can look down on a section of the flats next to the river. Huge piles of gravel, some ships. Very nice. Sokolowski's is safe, though the area is "iffy," so be careful; but it's not terrible.