The food is really good at Sokolowskis. It's a family-owned Polish restaurant, but they offer a variety of foods. It is cafeteria style, and the food is great. If you go, make sure you get the pirogi's and some cabbage and noodles.

My parents once used the recipe for stuffed cabbage from their website, but did not cut the ingredients - it was very good, but we ate it forever. I'm not sure if they allow photography inside, but I'm sure you'd find something that deserves to be on film.

Lets see - Cleveland's Public Square used to be quite nicely decorated for Christmas. However, since I've been working downtown (at Cleveland State University), I rarely go to the square. There is a monument there if you are into photographing those sorts of things.

There is also the giant "Free" stamp:
and what I call the monstrosity:

Don't forget Cleveland has a great zoo, art museum, and natural history museum.
Somewhere in Lorain County (I think) is a Great Lakes Nautical museum, though I've never been there.