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You're right, I could have easily searched with Google and looked at the massive dev chart, but while I was here, I thought it'd be interesting to hear other users' experiences, since I think that Apug is a community full of incredibly experienced and talented film photographers.
I've used Fomapan 200 in 35mm roll film, shot in low contrast lighting I exposed at EI 200 (in normal contrast EI 160, and high contrast 100).

The low contrast neg received HC-110 Dilution H, for 14 minutes, which was probably about 2 minutes too much. I would recommend 12 minutes.

For normal contrast I developed for 10 minutes using Dilution H, and high contrast 8 minutes. I normally don't cut development short for high contrast scenes, but the Foma films build contrast so quickly that highlights are quickly blocked up if proper care is not taken.

Hope that helps. It's a wonderful film with great texture, beautiful tonality, and a nice grain.