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I think the film world is a lot more inter-linked than we even know, maybe even more than they know. Coating small batches at home is one thing, large production runs are something else entirely. I have no doubt, as Stone believes, that Ilford could probably ramp up their machinery. But that requires additional raw material that has to come from somewhere. All it takes is one small bottleneck in the supply chain somewhere to gum up the works.

But then, perhaps it is best that we don't know. Besides, someone somewhere has conducted the risk analysis and has come up with a plan...
I suppose you're right about the raw materials, I hadn't thought of that. Then again, whoever supplies kodak now, could in theory simply switch to ilford, they would need to find a new buyer to cover the cost of maintaining the amounts they currently creat (base material and raw chemicals etc) so the only issue would actually be the initial financing to purchase the larger amounts at the start up of a bigger run, which would probably be easy to get a loan for since you could prove a need existed and being the only game in town, the others (Adox / Rollei / FOMA) couldn't do it I don't think, not to the same degree that ilford could.

Anyway it's all speculation, thank goodness we don't have to worry about that