Hi again,

My fuji GF670 arrived yesterday. First impression is it looks more solid than I thought. Feels lighter than it looks. Everything was nice except ..... The focussing tab. I need to use my thumb to focus it but it requires me to turn my left wrist a lot and not comfortable at all. I guess I just need to get used to it.

But I have an urgent problem. My camera's manual is in Japanese! I have however figured out most things on my own and thru the Internet but there are some very silly questions I need help. I am new to medium format camera so pardon my ignorance.

1. What do I do after finish exposing the film? There is no rewind knob like my Leica M3. Do I just keep turning the dial until the whole film is spooled and then what happen? How do I take it out? The is no canister like a 35mm film. Will I accidentally expose it to light?

2. Do I use the finished film spool as the next take up spool? I hope you understand my question. Are all film spool quality the same?

Thanks for any advise.