We had a place in Treemont (Cleveland) called Aperture Photography. A small store selling film and cameras, and I believe they rented out a darkroom. They have closed, though I hear it's because the owner relocated. Haven't confirmed that yet. It was a short-lived store, not one that existed for decades.

There is another community darkroom in Cleveland. I'm not sure if they would welcome "outsiders," but it might be interesting to contact them before your trip. Here is their website:

I like to use Fairview Photo, but they do not have one-hour service. They do mail-order, though. He uses a Phototherm or similar (not a Jobo), all negatives are scanned before printing on RA-4 digitally. They are very good.

I hate to provide the next link, as I am very unhappy with this local chain of camera stores and I rarely patronize them anymore. However, it's your best bet to get film while you're out here if you run low (unless you want consumer Fuji - it's everywhere, and cheapest at Walmart). They do have a Westlake location, but the downtown one has a greater variety of everything, including film and chemistry (and sometimes a few packs of Impossible film at all locations). Actually, the Westlake location is not as good as the North Olmsted/Great Northern one as far as film stock, but the best service of the three locations I've mentioned. The downtown store has the best variety, but the satellite stores are far more helpful if you want film (though they are less well stocked with it).