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I wonder if there is an actual problem such as uneven development that OP is trying to solve?

I use metal tanks also and takes probably 15 seconds or so to fill and empty. I've never seen any problem in the end result. I keep my development time greater than 5 minutes as that's what Kodak datasheet says. I find, if I tip the tank a little and aim at certain point in the opening, AND regulate the speed of pour, I can get good flow rate. I try not do it too fast where it starts to "burp."

If this question is a result of reading somewhere, uneven development could result from slow pour in/out and OP is not seeing an actual problem, then I'd not worry about it so much.
I never claimed the OP had any such problems. I said I had such problems. It took me a long time to fill the tank, and that I was able to fix my problems by putting the film into an already full tank, instead of pouring the chemistry into the tank.

Do with that information what you will, and if you DO have problems with uneven development, this could be a factor.