Ran into a big problem. The drain didn't work. In the rear left side of the main room is a 1.5" PVC drain pipe for my sinks:

Drain 1.jpg

It is connected to a sump pump on the other side of the wall. The pump is for a laundry tub that pumps the water UP to the sewer line that is overhead. I do not have an in-floor drain. The unit is a Franklin-Electric Drainosaur:


When we had our basement finished in 2009 the contractor installed the pump and it is totally enclosed behind drywall. It has it's own circuit with a 20 amp breaker. As I was out of state when the basement was finished I did not test the drain as the contractor had glued an end cap on it.

Now that I'm building the sinks, today I tested the sump. I decided to do it before I closed the drain area off with the second shelf. I'm ready to put in the 2nd sheld but doing so will make working on the drain hard.

Sink ready 2nd shelf.jpg

I cut the end cap off and poured water in from a bucket. The sump filled up and did not pump. I checked the breaker - it was ON - and reset it. Nada. Crap. The pump is behind the wall in the enlarger room:

Drain 2.jpg

Yep, no easy access. So I crawled in by the bottom shelf and cut out an opening about 11x14" in the drywall to get access to the pump. After cutting away the insulation I could see the top of the pump. Sitting on top of the pump were the instructions! I could see the power cord so I grabbed to see where it went. Guess what? It was not plugged in!

Drain 3.jpg

I pulled the cord out through the hole I had cut and plugged it in. The pump works fine. I don't know where the dedicated circuit ends. I called the contractor and he is coming by Monday to sort it out.

I can't believe that they dry walled the pump in before they had finished wiring it up and left the instructions behind the wall as well. Mama Mia!

Now on to finish the sink frame.