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Fair enough, I will only add that it is difficult to do contact prints on variable contrast paper without an enlarger. I have tried. You will benefit from using contact paper to do it without an enlarger. And if you have an enlarger, it opens up other avenues of getting a high quality 8x10 print, e.g. medium format. I'm just sharing my own experience here, ymmv
The reason I'm playing around with 8x10 right now is exactly this... I want to make contact prints from a larger negative, and my enlarger cannot use film larger than 6x9. But I'd like to mention that while I agree with you that having an enlarger is very convenient for making contact prints on VC paper, I had perfectly happy success doing it before I had an enlarger. I put a flashlight bulb in a soup can, with a pushbutton switch on a 6 foot cord and a filter holder below the can. Cobbled together in about ten minutes from junk lying around in my garage. I originally built it for pre-flashing paper negatives, but it worked great for making VC contact prints too.