You have several options:
Jobo Expert tanks (3010 or 3006 if you also do 5X7), and if you want to spend less you can get the 2520 tank and 2509n reel (which will also enable you to process roll film). You can use a manual or motorized rollerbase, or you can roll by hand. If you want to go all in you can get a Jobo processor.
Any choice of the above will pay for itself very quickly when you compare to the savings of sending film out, not to mention the improved quality, and most important the fun of it all. Then you can also do C41 and e6 at home with ease...

Scanning is easy - and can good results can come from an Enpson v700. Imacon PII's are on ebay often under 2000$. If you want to do it really cheap you can get a microtek scanner for under 50$ that will do 4X5 (5700 and 5800 models), they are slow but quality is not bad, especially for the price tag.