hi dwight

i always thought developing in trays would be prone to scratches
i used to develop in hangers and tanks .. then got weird marks on my film
from hangers so i went to trays .. haven't stopped .. ( never a scratch after 2000+ sheets of film )
i sometimes do a mix of 40 sheets of 4x5 and 5x7
as long as you learn how to shuffle them and separate the sheets it really isn't a problem ...
separating the sheets in a prewet/water bath
is probably the hardest part of the operation .. ( it can be a PITA )
if you have 3 large tupperware containers ( dollar store sells them cheap! ) you can use hangers and tanks
its not hard either, as long as your hangers don't mark your film, and if they do, you eliminate the bad one/s ...

good luck !