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Just this moment stepped out of the darkroom after processing 16 4x5 sheets from the Crown Graphic. Exposures are from the local State Fair last August.

I had decided this year to try handheld large format using your described approach. I've had good success before that way with smaller, more nimble cameras. This time, however, the preliminary look at the hangers in the wash was a bit depressing. Out-of-focus issues on moving subjects, mostly. Late shutter releases on some others. Perhaps a couple decent efforts. Maybe...

Damn it. This is supposed to be relaxing and fun. Isn't it??

I need more practice with this camera/format. The tolerances are so darned tight for handheld large format. The required presets, prefocus, pre-framing, and shutter anticipation just didn't seem to successfully come together frequently enough. And the slow-burning flashbulbs don't freeze action very well either. But the quality of their light is very pleasing, I must say.

If I were still younger I'd just pick up my basketball and head for the gym tonight in frustration...

You need a Littman.