Also born and raised in the Greater LA Area -- now living as close to Oregon as I was living close to Mexico. I lived over a decade up here without heat (no furnace, wood stove, etc). Those below freezing mornings were a bit nippy -- fortunately we do not get many of them per year. At the coldest times, I would brew a pot of herbal tea and sit on the floor with a wool cap on my head and another on the tea pot -- occasionally I would exchange caps to warm up my head. And perhaps cook a biscuit to take the bite out the air (it was very small house, so the oven could raise the temp a few degrees -- measured 13'x18' on the outside). I slept in the uninsulated attic. Ah...the good old days! (yes, I have heat now -- and it is on...oh, the wimp I have become! LOL!)

LA drivers can't handle rain very well, and drivers up here tend to be clueless about snow. I remember the university closing down for the day because there was a little ice on the campus roads.

Rain here right now and the hills tomorrow morning probably will be white (suppose to be 32F tonight on the coast).