$500net to me, so appox. $530-540 shipped, depending on your distance.

Hello, up for sale is a Mamiya RZ67 Pro I body, 127mm f/3.5 W lens, 90mm f/3.5 W lens, and 3 120 Pro I backs.

RZ67 Pro I: Wear marks on the rubber/plastic region near the base of the camera. Some paint loss on the advance lever and focus knobs. Circular mark on the lid of the waist level finder. A couple of black specks on the focusing screen. 3 specks near the corners, one near the center, outside of the ground glass spot. No mechanical issues to report, I put about 20-30 rolls through it. No caps unfortunately.

All lenses have Mamiya hoods, Mamiya front caps. One newer-style Mamiya rear cap, two old-style generic? rear caps. Flash sync port tested a few minutes ago, but never on film (I didn't own a PC-PC cord until last month, haha).

90mm : Wear on the T/N toggle switch. Minor barrel wear. Paint loss on the front lip of the filter mount. Internal dust, nothing to worry about.

127mm : Minor internal dust. There's a mark on the aperture ring, to the right of the markings. I haven't handled the lenses in a while, so if you're stickler for cosmetic blems, PM me and I'll give you a thorough report. Internal dust nothing to worry about. ~60mm equivalent is a great focal length for full body portraits. I got some great shots in portrait orientation, kneeling down.

Backs: No caps unfortunately. Just normal wear and tear. One of them has tiny chip on the rubber "skin," but it won't cause a leak (the skin is on the exterior).

Pictures : http://imgur.com/a/q5JsX#0

I am located in Riverside, California.

***This is a guest post from a friend of the original owner of this account.