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I just tried the Taco method for the first time, can't say I loved it. Maybe the hair bands I used were too small or something, but I had a hard time getting 4 sheets into the tank. Right now I'm thinking about either a mod54 and a 3 reel Paterson tank, or give the Yankee a go.

On the plus side, it was the first time I ever developed film, my chemistry was too warm, and I made a mess of the tacos, but I still got some success, enough to spur me on and want to try again, and shoot more 4x5.
The Paterson Orbital is incredibly easy to use. Loading is simply a matter of laying the film into the tray, emulsion side up. No clipping into place. No vexatious popping out of position followed by damage as you try to relocate the film back into the slot... The Paterson Orbital gives you all the advantages of tray development with the added advantages of a daylight tank.