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> snip < When I belonged to the camera club in texas, I went out to photograph with a member who was a PhD in Chemistry. When we got back to the darkroom to develop the film, he was trying to control the temperature to 1/4 of a degree.....I laughed and he never went out with me again......
That was NOT me! But I know some people like that too.

My main meter is the Minolta Spotmeter F. I have found it to be as acurate as I need for most purposes. I still use the old Gossen Luna Pro, like yesterday when photographing a bird nest with my Contarex and color print film. I use the spot meter for practically all b&w "zone system" work, which dominates most of my present efforts.

My spot meter is a little flucky in the flash meter mode. Sometimes several attempts are required before I am satisfied that I have proper readings. Maybe someone could help diagnose my technique?

Truly, dr bob.