I drum developed my first C-41 last night, 8 sheets of Ektar 100. I used Unicolor chems that I mixed 2.5 weeks ago, before realizing that my temperature control system was inadequate. I got that rectified, temporarily, with a cheap heated water bath unit off fleabay.

The good news is, most of the sheets turned out far batter than I could have hoped. At least from what I can tell; I just did straight scans on my Epson 4990, and I've never scanned color negatives before except a couple of my dad's from the 60s. There are some slight color tints toward the blue, but it doesn't look like anything a slight warming filter couldn't correct (as soon as I get one), and a couple of them look like they could make very good prints! This is very exciting for a diehard transparency printer who thought he might never shoot or print color again. I really like the potential I see in these. Hopefully I'll get to trying some prints this weekend.

One problem-one of the shots was of a snowy lake, late in the afternoon on a mostly overcast day with some sun breaks in the distance. This negative is very thin, and the scan came out very deep blue. Based on the thinness and the lack of detail in foreground trees, I think its safe to say I underexposed by at least a stop. Also, one of my "top" sheets in the drum had slipped down over one of the lower sheets during my first developing run. I'm not sure if it was this one that got covered up at least partly, but I suspect it was.

Can underexposure and/or underdevelopment result in this deep blue? Sorry, I can't post pics without great difficulty.