I've not participated yet, though would like to some day. First I need to start printing, then to be able to do something worthy of sending to another.

I do, however, understand the concept behind your idea. On the other hand, I would like the opportunity to exchange internationally, though. I'm about to use a dirty word, but not the way it is usually meant on APUG. How about an... hybrid approach?

When joining an exchange, the individual could specify whether they prefer NOT to ship internationally (perhaps by specifying a region they will ship to). This would be a bit more work for the organizer(s), but could keep costs down for those who need to, yet remain inclusive of everyone. I see this is basically what you mentioned in post #2.

Alternately, we could have a thread where people could "trade" recipients. However, that could make it less blind; perhaps people could only state the countries/regions when effecting a "trade."

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We don't have that in North-America and many North-Americans never leave their continent. Even Canada and the USA look pretty similar. So I think that's where the Cultural part of the exchanges would suffer.
I respectfully disagree. Within the U.S.A. alone we can have some interesting differences - even within the same regions. I've often had to explain these differences to foreign students at my university (and I'm not referring to skin color). Unless we are talking merely architecture and landscape - but even then, we still have some wonderful differences. Then there are the "sub-cultures."