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No, 3-in-1 oil is a time delay disaster. Now that has to be removed, too.

How on earth did it fall off the camera? What camera/lensboard combo are you using it on?
Eastman-Kodak 5x7 kit, some sort of lens board, I walked 2 miles on Seven Mile Bridge to Pigeon Key with it and it might have come loose from all of the motion, it was tripod mounted and I carried the entire apparatus to save weight and did like 3 exposures on the island, they looked good on that god-awful d*****l crap so the negatives should be fantastic, I'll be sure to post scans or prints after they hit the tanks

its a restoration I'm doing, I guess I'm a better carpenter and photographer than camera repairman

The camera itself has come a long way, hinges were loose light leaks galore, took care of all of it in a day and it's perfect.