Hi everyone,
I mentioned/suggested an European BPX asn an extra in the BPX-18 thread. Not because I think shipping outside Europe is too expensive myself, but found that others sometimes do. It seems that shipping rate in the US have rissen seriously the last few years. Or they somehow just don't feel comfortable shipping across the ocean (I see that a lot in the FS section also).
When I first became aware of the many exchanges on these forums, I wanted to participate. But I found that some exchanges (or other events) were limited to Us-members only (CONUS). There is also a regional Australian & New Zealand exchange.
My question had an other reason than shipping costs only. If the European members of this forum can't or won't join some exchanges (and I don't say this as a complaint, mind you) it might be a good thing to put up an extra regional exchange for people within Europe, since there are quite some good printers among the members in Europe.
So my question was more about giving others an opportunity as well, but not at the expense of the excising exchanges. Some exchanges on this forum seem to be dead for several years, so I'm doubting if there is enough interest for an other group?
The BPX itself was and is a worldwide event and I hope it still may be in the future. Besides that, it would be nice to participate in an other exchange, since the BPX is only one print in six months.

So, European members, do we need/want an extra exchange within Europe or are we busy enough in our daily lives that we don't have the time for an extra exchange besides the BPX? Will it raise some extra interest among non-exchanging members in Europe, or would you drop out of the worldwide BPX instead?
I'm not sure.
Bert from Holland

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A seperate exchange has been proposed which I do not oppose at all. Regardless, the only participants in THIS exchange are those who sign up for THIS exchange. I certainly see a plus to save on costly shipping to foreign countries added to the expense of printing and mounting, et al. My only con is going to strictly regional exchange is that the cultural part of the exchange may suffer from a more local participation. Talk amongst yourselves.