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It always amazes and sometimes amuses me, as a moderator of this forum, to see what issues get people worked up the most. They tend to be things like: "do you need to use a stop bath?" and "which pyro formula is the best?" to say nothing of the camera brand rivalries and arguments about what film is best, and now we've got "how can I improve the fill/dump time of my daylight tanks?"

Let's all relax, soup some film, make some prints, and enjoy a peaceful Sunday.
The issue was not the fill/dump of the tank, but to be called ridiculous for pointing out a proven method sure was an issue with me. I'm perfectly relaxed, happy, and cooperative. But when I try to help, by offering a technique that worked to solve a difficult problem, and people dismiss the advice as ridiculous, I do get irritated.

I learned the advice above from people whose combined experience as photography teachers, artists, and professionals is well over 150 years, and them having learned from those before them. I do not throw advice around unless I know it works.

Anyway, carry on.