I have been experimenting with film for 6 months now I have tried Kodak and Fuji negs and Fuji slide film, after several years with Digital.

After 20 odd rolls of a mix of film both slide and neg over the last 6 months I have come to the conclusion that when I get it right, the light is playing ball with me and the subject is worth the effort then old fashioned slide film just knocks everything else out of the ring.
Why? I do not know - the colours for a start are amazing the textures and depth to the photos are incredible just the general feel to the photo. This I know is a subjective choice one based upon taste but for me Fuji Slide Film is the way forward for my photography. I could go a little deeper on this point but p'haps another day!

I have just returned from a trip to Morocco {I am UK based} and I spent my time taking a mix of Digital and Slide shots, and that was the final nail for the Digital coffin I just can not re-produce the colours and drama of the Moroccan landscape with digital, the slide film could do it but the digital just canít - so there we go I am now a convert!

[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=#232323]But I have a problem I live in Gloucester in the South West of the UK and I am desperate to find someone who can produce high quality scans with the eventual aim of having my photos printed and hanging on the wall behind glass. Some of the shots I have of the Desert deserve a good scan. Most printers or any I can find seem to work from digital files these days so I am stuck regarding getting prints. I do want large prints so quality is an issue. Really I want a proffesional piece of work done on my slides. [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=#232323]Can anyone advice me? does anyone know who can produce a scan that matches the quality that the slide offers?

And the camera I am using is a NIKON F100 and I also have an APPLE IMAC and I want to combine the two to make great photos - that is my ambition with this project, so scanning is the missing link.