The Busch Pressman does not have a focal plane shutter. In fact, the lens that is mounted on the camera is contained within the Rapax shutter, which is a leaf type, similar to a Copal or compur in basic principle. The lens/shutter combination is then mounted onto a lens board, which allows the lens/shutter assembly to be mounted onto the camera. There is one retaining screw at the top of the camera, which secures the lens to the camera.

If you wish to use additional lenses, simply mount the lens/shutter onto another lens board, and voila, you now have interchangeable lenses. Each shutter requires a particular hole size in the lens board, so the photographer must obtain the appropriate lens board for the shutter being used. The most common shutter sizes are Copal 00, Copal 0, Copal 1, and Copal 3.

This camera has a simple shutter with ground glass focusing, so it seems to conform to your requirements.

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