Up for sale are some choice expired films for the adventurous shooter or collector out there.

1 roll of Kodachrome 64, 120 format, expired 1988
1 roll of Kodachrome 25, 35mm format, expired 1986
2 rolls of Tech Pan, 35mm format, expired 1990

I certainly give no guarantees on the quality of these films, but I will say that they have been in a climate controlled environment since being purchased new. Although they haven't been refrigerated, they probably haven't been exposed to any extreme temperatures.

Since I have no idea what to ask for these films; make me an offer I can't refuse!

Also, I have for sale several NOS packs of Kodak Film Clips. These are great, stainless steel film clips; they come in packs of 10. I have SIX of these available. Asking $5/pc.

Additionally, I have a NOS Kodak Rubber Squeegee, still in the original packaging. Asking $10.

In the random category, I have an old Polaroid Type55 clearing "basket", or doohickey, if you prefer. It holds 6 sheets of 4x5" film and might be useful to the right person. Make me an offer... $5?

Lastly, I've got a bellows-less Kodak 620 folding camera that I'll throw in with any order; whoever wants it can have it. Despite having no bellows whatsoever, it's in pretty good shape and has cool art deco detailing on the end plates.

International orders welcome. Money orders preferred, paypal accepted. Please email me at holmburgers(at)yahoo(dot)com if you're interested or would like a shipping quote.