I finished the film side sink support framing & shelves. The shelves were made from a 4x8 sheet of 1/2" particle board. It is important to screw the shelf to the frame. I used 1.5" #6 screws; pilot holes were drilled with a 3/32" drill bit. The shelf ties the entire 2x2 frame together and makes the support frame very strong. The sink support frame is 30" tall.

sink frame film side 1.jpg

Note the outlets that are high up on the wall. When I had the basement finished off I had these outlets put up high for timers, safe lights, and processors. I even had an outlet put in the ceiling.

The open end at the right side is for the drain:

sink frame film side 2.jpg

The next step is to do the same thing along the right wall for the print sink. Construction will be exactly the same, so no updates until I finish it. This sink will be a bit longer that the one just built. It's starting to look like a darkroom!