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I agree some blood preasurs do run high here.. But please explain what this poke in the eye was for?

I'd say diluting his developer will extend the time n cure the uneven dev problem without compromising the most valuable feature of a day light tank... Using it in the day light!

So 100 ways to skin a cat... Pick one?

Diluting your developer is not an option if you run a replenished system, for example.

When you dilute your developer you have to develop longer, sure, but it also changes the outcome. Usually you get less overall contrast because you raise your shadows this way. You can develop longer to compensate. Sure.

You don't have to use my solution if you don't want to. But it is a valid way of solving a potential problem, and if you don't agree that is fine.
But it doesn't make my suggestion any less valid just because you don't like it. You said it yourself, there are many ways to get to good results.

Daylight tank? It just means CAN use it in daylight. Doesn't say anywhere that you have to.